Jocelyn Bennett and Paul Macgregor founded Clearview Retreat in 2003.

Both of us have a long background in

promoting complementary and natural health

in Australia. Jocelyn has been an advocate in this area since presenting the Second Opinion health issues program on Melbourne Radio 3CR in the early 1990s. Paul, an historian, has investigated and published on the history of natural therapies in Australia.

In 1993, we teamed up to establish the Australian Complementary Health Association, and to publish Diversity: Natural & Complementary Health magazine.

Our work in promoting natural therapies has made us increasingly aware of the importance to health of maintaining a close relationship with the land and the natural world. In response, we set up Clearview Retreat to run programs and events that focus on health and nature, and which support people's desire to increase their physical, emotional and spiritual connections with the earth and other living things.