Home cooked, delicious, inspiring meals are provided, where possible using vegetables and fruit grown at Clearview Retreat according to the season. We also source local, hand-grown food from local growers.

Our preference is to cook vegetarian food for retreats. Our menus include curries, dhals, stir-fries, pies, loafs, bakes, dips and sauces. We use a wide range of grains, flours and legumes, also serve steamed vegetables, soups and salads, and fresh and cooked fruits.

Our recipes are influenced mainly by Indian, Chinese, English, Italian, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine.

We have an orchard of over 100 fruit and nut trees, and an extensive vegetable garden. We aim to grow as many different varieties of each fruit and vegetables as possible, so that we can extend the cropping season and build up a heritage collection of trees and plants.

All meals at the food retreats have gluten/wheat-free options, dairy-inclusive and dairy-free options as well as vegan and non-vegan approaches. Most food restrictions are catered for.

We apply organic growing methods, though we are not certified as organic. All the water we use in the orchard and for the vegetables is harvested from rainfall, and stored in tanks and dams.