At all the retreats at Clearview Retreat, home cooked, delicious, inspiring vegetarian meals are provided, where possible using vegetables and fruit grown at Clearview Retreat according to the season. We also source local, hand-grown food from local growers.

Our preference is to cook vegetarian food for retreats. Our menus include curries, dhals, stir-fries, pies, loafs, bakes, dips and sauces. We use a wide range of grains, flours, legumes, noodles and pastas, and also serve steamed vegetables, soups and salads, and fresh and cooked fruits. Our recipes are influenced mainly by Indian, Chinese, English, Italian, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine.

We have an orchard of over 100 fruit and nut trees, and an extensive vegetable garden. We aim to grow as many different varieties of each fruit and vegetables as possible, so that we can extend the cropping season and build up a heritage collection of trees and plants. We apply organic growing methods, though we are not certified as organic. All the water we use in the orchard and for the vegetables is harvested from rainfall, and stored in tanks and dams.




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7pm Fri until 3pm Sun

Jocelyn Bennett, ph 03-5797 0229

$ 450 per person: program + all meals + sharing bedroom (2 or 3 people in a room)

$ 515 per person: program + all meals + one person to a bedroom

Meals include: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  1. ~ Gift certificates are available, and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase

  2. ~ GST is included in these prices

  3. ~ Non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to secure booking: $ 150

  4. ~ Balance to be paid 3 weeks before retreat

  5. ~ Full fee is forfeited, & non-transferable, if booking is cancelled by guest less than 1 week before retreat

Jocelyn Bennett, co-founder of Clearview Retreat, has been exploring the power of food to invigorate our lives and deepen our relationship with nature, in her own diet for over 25 years, and since 2004, as cook, gardener and host at Clearview Retreat. Jocelyn takes pleasure in the quality of good food and its ability to nourish ourselves and our relationships with others, and to enrich our spirit. Her own journey has involved exploring the delights of new foods and cuisines, while accommodating her body’s changing sensitivities to gluten, yeast, sugar and dairy. Jocelyn’s approach to food and health always highlights flavour, balance and enjoyment. Rather than emphasise specific diets she favours a few maxims like using plenty of vegetables, balancing nutrition, and having a good cross section of colour and texture. She loves to create menus that delight and inspire all tastes, and at the same time suit a wide variety of preferences, needs and lifestyles.

(*Clearview Retreat also offers yoga retreats, and nature meditation retreats.

See Weekend Mountain Yoga Retreats and Nature Meditation Retreats for details.)

Cooking and Feeding Your Soul - with Jocelyn Bennett

A cooking retreat that offers food as a vehicle for a better understanding of ourselves. Deep, intelligent and soulful nourishment can also be fun, joyful, powerful and delicious. Working together in the garden and kitchen of Clearview Retreat, we will explore food’s journey from seed to plant, from harvest to kitchen, from pot to plate, and from palate to our inner being. Expand your ideas and options with food, cooking and eating for a more creative and flexible relationship with yourself and the world. You will learn innovative approaches to vegetarian cooking, balancing a wide variety of vegetables, grains, fruits, spices and herbs, and combining approaches from different cultural traditions. Learn how easily you can adapt recipes for special diets and allergies, creating simple, tasty and satisfying home cooking that everyone can enjoy. Be inspired to deepen your love of food and cooking in a nature-rich setting.

More retreats will be scheduled for 2018 - check the website later for updates or ask to be put on our email list.

$ 450 to $515

Price includes program, accommodation & food and varies with level of accommodation

For full range of price options, see below

All meals at the food retreats have gluten/wheat-free options, dairy-inclusive and dairy-free options as well as vegan and non-vegan approaches. Most food restrictions are catered for.

At Food Retreats we offer guests the opportunity to learn about our approach to food, health, nature, sustainability and spirituality. You will learn how we grow, harvest and cook our meals, take part in cooking classes, and get our recipes to take home.

The retreats are held at Clearview Retreat, ninety minutes north of Melbourne in the King Parrot Valley in central Victoria. Clearview Retreat backs onto the Tallarook forest and ranges, with immense views 100 kilometres across to Mount Buller and other spectacular mountain ranges.