Rest, Release, Receive: A Restorative Retreat - with Jaye Hayes

Yin Yoga Nourishment Retreat - with Hugh Lee

Fresh Start Yin Yoga Retreat - with Hugh Lee

Sacred Sound: Connect & Inspire - with Angela Robb

Prana Play: The Flow of Yoga Energy - with Belinda Blackburn

Slowing Down, Reconnecting Within - with Erika Newberry

Yin Yoga Inner Healing Retreat - with Hugh Lee

Coming Home - with Claire Heywood

How Change Works: Awareness as Action - with Antonia Pont

Nourish the Heart: A Restorative Retreat - with Jaye Hayes

Finding Peace thru Yoga and Meditation - with Belinda Blackburn

Deep Rest, Deep Renewal - with Claire Heywood

The retreats are held at Clearview Retreat, a residential retreat centre ninety minutes north of Melbourne in the King Parrot Valley in central Victoria. Clearview Retreat backs onto the Tallarook forest and ranges, with immense views 100 kilometres across to Mount Buller and other spectacular mountain ranges.

4-6 November 2016 (2-day retreat)

2-4 December 2016 (2-day retreat)

26-29 January 2017 (3-day retreat)

10-12 February 2017 (2-day retreat)

17-19 February 2017 (2-day retreat)

24-26 February 2017 (2-day retreat)

17-19 March 2017 (2-day retreat)

31 Mar-2 April 2017 (2-day retreat)

13-18 April 2017 (5-day retreat)

28-30 April 2017 (2-day retreat)

12-14 May 2017 (2-day retreat)

23-25 June 2017 (2-day retreat)

This is a range of workshops to expand and deepen our understanding of yoga. In a class situation we often only get to practice postures, yet yoga has an insightful, practical and fascinating body of knowledge regarding the workings of the mind and the soul, as relevant today as it was 4,000 years ago.

Each Weekend Mountain Yoga Retreat involves yoga classes, relaxation, meditation, some periods of silence, and guided walks. The structure of each workshop is the same, but different themes are focussed on each weekend.

Home-cooked, delicious, inspiring vegetarian meals are provided, beginning with Friday night dinner. Special diets are catered for.

More retreats will be scheduled for 2017 - check the website later for updates or ask to be put on our email list.


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Jocelyn Bennett, ph 03-5797 0229

2-day retreats

$ 375 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + sharing bedroom (2 or 3 people in a room)

$ 415 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + one person to a bedroom

3-day retreats

$ 560 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + sharing bedroom (2 or 3 people in a room)

$ 620 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + one person to a bedroom

5-day retreats

$ 940 per person:    yoga tuition + all meals + sharing bedroom (2 or 3 people in a room)

$ 1040 per person:   yoga tuition + all meals + one person to a bedroom

Meals include: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Two-day retreats have 5 yoga sessions. Three-day retreats have 7 yoga sessions. Five-day retreats have 12 or more yoga sessions. Free time between yoga sessions allows guests to rest and explore. Class sizes are kept small and students of all levels of experience are welcome. If there are areas of particular interest or special needs, i.e. injuries or pregnancy, please let us know in advance so we are able to better tailor the program to suit you.



2-day retreat: 7pm Fri until 3pm Sun

3-day retreat: 7pm Fri until 3pm Mon

5-day retreat: 7pm Thurs until 3pm Tues

2-day retreat: $ 375 or $ 415

3-day retreat: $ 560 or $ 620

5-day retreat: $ 940 or $ 1040

Price includes yoga, accommodation & food and

varies with level of accommodation

For full range of price options, see below

Belinda Blackburn found yoga over 12 years ago and embraced it fully, loving the changes it brought to her life. Her training in the Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching at the CAE covered a variety of yoga styles which, along with ongoing study and practice, has given her the opportunity to be inspired by their combined wisdom as she develops her own unique blend. She currently teaches several weekly classes at Harvest Yoga in Kensington including open, beginners, kids, prenatal and mums & bubs. She has also taught yoga classes in prisons, workplaces and schools. Belinda has a nurturing teaching style which encourages students to explore and deepen their self knowledge through asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. Beneath the pressures of everyday life we all have a calm and peaceful interior; Belinda works to guide her students towards this place and give them the tools to establish an ongoing connection to it.

  1. ~ GST is included in these prices

  2. ~ Deposit to secure booking: $ 100 for 2-day retreats, $ 150 for 3-day and 5-day retreats

  3. ~ Balance to be paid 3 weeks before yoga retreat

  4. ~ Deposit will not be refunded if booking is cancelled by guest less than 3 weeks before yoga retreat

  5. ~ Full fee is forfeited if booking is cancelled by guest less than 1 week before yoga retreat

Antonia Pont has been practicing yoga for 16 years, and studying zen since 1996. She has trained and practiced with teachers in Australia, India and Europe, and has taught locally and internationally. She completed her first teacher training in Melbourne, with Paul Wooden of Gertrude Street Yoga in 2004. She then trained in the Vijnana tradition and received certification as a Vijnana teacher from the founder of the style, Orit Sen-Gupta, in 2011. She continues to study with Orit, and edited Orit’s recent book, The Heart of Yoga. Antonia has established Vijnana Yoga Australia in central Melbourne at the beautiful AYM studios. Her approach to teaching postures, breath and meditation is precise, steady, and sometimes irreverent. She encourages students to trust the strengthening and startling journey that practice can be, and to integrate this wisdom into their lives off the mat. She tweets about practice (@AntoniaPont) and yoga (@VijnanaYogaAust).

(*Clearview Retreat also offers nature meditation retreats, and food retreats.

See Nature Meditation Retreats and Food Retreats for details.)

Hugh Lee discovered Yoga after suffering the effects of living a stressful lifestyle and was profoundly amazed by the stillness, rejuvenating and healing effects of Yin Yoga. This lead him to train with Paul & Suzee Grilley and become a lifelong student of Taoist Yoga and internal martial arts. A dedicated Yogi since 2001, Hugh began teaching in 2008, assisting and co-teaching with Andrew Mournehis on Yoga retreats around the world. Hugh’s other influences include Sarah Powers and Bernie Clark, who, along with Paul and Suzee Grilley, were the first teachers to develop Yin Yoga. Hugh combines Chinese medicine meridian/organ theory and personal development in his teachings. He brings warmth, compassion and light-heartedness to his teaching, and encourages students to practice with self-awareness and mindfulness.

Claire Heywood has been a student of yoga since 1985, teaching yoga since 1996, and leading retreats at Clearview since 2009. Underpinning her teaching is her lifelong passion for working through the physical realm; an interest that ignited through dance as a child, led her to an early career as a dancer and performer, and continues currently with her ongoing yogic and movement studies. As a non-traditionalist, her gentle Hatha Yoga classes are a combination of simple Hatha Yoga and other complementary practices, that guide the student to slow down, listen in and develop awareness of the unique needs of their body, mind and heart. The content, a creative mix of moving, breathing, sounding and sitting, aims to facilitate a more truthful acceptance of who we are, so we may wholeheartedly embrace our bespoke path through life with greater ease and contentment.

Restorative Yoga is a practice dedicated to constructive rest. This retreat offers a space to surrender into stillness & honour your body’s deep need for rejuvenation. Restorative Yoga is a gentle practice that supports you to soften & release habitual patterns of tension & receive nourishment from the breath. The practice includes passive, supine & seated poses as well fully supported inversions. The extensive use of yoga props allows you to sink into the soothing energy of the Restorative poses with ease & open the body to the flow of pranic energy. Mindfully resting the body is a deeply transformative process. Jaye incorporates Somatic Meditation into her teaching to activate the re-patterning processes that enable ‘rest’ to become ‘restorative’. Jaye’s approach emphasizes compassionate self-inquiry & intelligent self-care. You will be guided through the internal landscape of your body to discover the restorative potential that lies within you as you integrate mind, body, breath & earth.

Jaye Hayes is a dance artist, yoga teacher, somatic movement teacher & creative facilitator. Her teaching is grounded in embodied knowledge & infused with a refined somatic sensitivity. In her classes she shares the curiosity, compassion, courage, dedication & humour that she has cultivated in her 20+ years of practice. She is passionate about empowering others to live more fully embodied, integrated & balanced lives through yoga, movement & meditation. Jaye holds a degree in Contemporary Dance from Deakin University, where she is currently pursuing Honours research in Dance. She has undertaken Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training courses with Alan Goode & Peter Scott & continues to train under Peter Scott. She has also studied Dance-Movement Therapy & is engaged in ongoing training in Body-Mind Centering with Alice Cummins. She currently teaches Restorative Yoga & Recovery Yoga at Kundalini House, as well as Somatic Movement & Embodied Ecology at workshops & retreats.

You are invited to leave your busy life behind and join us for a weekend-long, mindful pause. One of the most popular benefits of yoga is the opportunity to take a break from the everyday busy-ness and take some time to just be. Many students enjoy this aspect of a one-hour class; imagine being able to experience that slower pace for a whole weekend! In beautiful bushland surroundings we will practice slow, flowing yoga, enabling us to tune into and honour our individual bodies’ natural rhythms. Through meditation and stillness we will invite the mind to pause and connect to the inner wisdom and calm that lies beneath the everyday hustle and bustle of thoughts. Deep relaxation will restore and replenish both body and mind. You will be completely looked after and have nothing at all to do but slow down and tune in to your body, breath, mind and heart.

A Yin Yoga retreat over the long weekend offers time and space to replenish body, mind and spirit. Yin Yoga incorporates long stays in floor-based asanas (postures) and slow transitions in between each asana, in order to fully feel the effects of the practice. This creates a meditative tone which enables a clear focus on our intention and direction. The practice of Yin Yoga facilitates patience and contentment, and shows us how to live in the present moment. Workshop and discussion sessions will explore ways in which we can thread these qualities into our daily lives. The stillness which characterises Yin Yoga will sit in balance with gentle flowing movements inspired by Tai Chi and Qi Gong. In order to sustain the benefits of this retreat we will examine how to design a home practice which fits into your life.

Many people have excellent intentions to change, but find it difficult or scary. Understanding how change works can assist in sincerely inviting it. This retreat will explore the principle and practice of awareness - as both a crucial part of timely and wise action and a doorway to new ways and experiences. In sitting (meditation), pranayama (breathing practices), asana (postures) and also study of texts, yoga offers us the possibility of refining our sensitivity to what is happening, in order to step into fresh action clearly and decisively, or to know when to defer reacting. Finally, in its most refined mode, awareness also opens us to the new, while practising makes us strong enough to welcome what that means. Using resting as a mode of "awake feeling", we will experiment in postural/movement work, with how everything proceeds from closely noticing the body's weight, its alignment, and its desire. 

Research shows that regular meditation improves overall health (both mental and physical), extends lifespan, and creates a more harmonious day-to-day life. Yoga offers a way into a rewarding and on-going meditation practice. Many students perceive yoga as all about asana - postures and exercise - however if you delve into the history of yoga you will discover that the asana practices evolved as a way for yogis to be more comfortable sitting in meditation. Over this weekend we will explore how well asana practice can complement meditation, both as a physical preparation for sitting and as a mental preparation for clearing the mind and sometimes as a moving meditation in itself. This retreat is a wonderful way to take the next step in your yoga journey by moving into some of the more in-depth aspects of yoga, including pranayama (breathwork) and different methods of meditation.

Unplug and pause from the relentless busy-ness of life and spend a whole weekend nourishing, resting and connecting deeply. When we stop and pay attention to our inner life it feels like coming home. This retreat is timed to coincide with the turning of the seasons, it gives us time to pause and start adjusting from the high-energy output of summer to the more reflective, yin energy of the cooler seasons. We will do simple yoga practices - gentle asana, breath work, yoga massage, meditation and deliciously long relaxations - to help replenish your energy reserves, slow you down, and boost your immune system in preparation for winter. The nurturing yoga is complemented by delicious food, guided nature walks and resting amidst Clearview’s beautiful surrounds. Claire’s style, gentle and playful, suits all levels, including beginners. She teaches to develop deeper awareness and bring a richer experience of the subtleties of your heart, body and mind.

Angela Robb: Nineteen years of enjoying the transformative benefits of yoga led Angela to start teaching what she loves. Extensively trained both locally and in India, Angela teaches an array of group and private classes and workshops, weekly, across some of Melbourne’s best yoga studios. Angela’s nurturing and intelligent style arouses deep connection with one’s own energy, inspiration and wisdom. Angela’s creative ,well-paced classes allow students to discover the joy of extending themselves through yoga; physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually. Angela has an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching - a 2 year, 1300+ hour course, from the Academy of Yoga Learning Australia. Following her passion for learning and continuous improvement, Angela has since completed teacher training with some of the world’s most renowned yoga teachers: Shiva Rae, Judith Lasater and Donna Farhi, and also completed training in Restorative Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound) and Chakra Vinyasa Flow.

Erika Newberry has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 16 years and has been teaching since 2011. She completed her initial yoga teacher training at the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne and then went on to study yogic philosophy, yin yoga, laughter yoga, trauma sensitive yoga and yoga therapy. Erika teaches at a number of yoga studio and gyms around Melbourne as well as offering private yoga therapy sessions, corporate yoga and specialised yoga sessions/programs for hospitals and schools. Erika loves the richness of yoga: how it can help bring the body and mind together and promote a wholeness of our experience of being in our body. Erika loves that yoga teaches us to breathe fully, to trust our own experience and to respond in a way that is appropriate, kind and sustainable for us. Her classes are deeply nourishing and nurturing for both the body and the mind.  

When you nourish your heart, you nourish your whole being. This retreat offers a space for heart-centred self-care. The heart is a source of great compassion and strength. Supporting the heart in turn supports and strengthens us in moving towards more compassionate and courageous ways of living and being. An embodied awareness of the heart awakens the intelligence that resides there, allowing compassion to flow throughout the body-mind. Restorative Yoga practice nourishes the physical and metaphysical aspects of the heart, to restore organ tone and recover the energy of loving-kindness. Restorative Yoga is a gentle practice of passive poses combined with Somatic Meditation to activate the processes that enable ‘rest’ to become ‘restorative’. Mindfully resting the heart reminds this hard-working organ of its capacity to receive nourishment from the breath. In this retreat you will explore the embodied anatomy and consciousness of your own heart through yoga, meditation, movement, bodywork, sound and writing/drawing.

As the seasons transition from the warmer, lighter and active nature of summer into the slower introspective season of autumn, so too does the transition within us. You may notice your energy levels start to change; perhaps there is a need to quieten and be reflective. This retreat offers us the opportunity to honour change, rather than fighting against it. In our daily life we can get caught up in the busyness and the ‘doing’, forgetting about the ‘being’. As the outside world gets busier and louder our connection with the inside world becomes more challenging. In this retreat, we focus on slowing down and reconnecting within, honouring our present moment experience, our true nature and values. Exploring slow flow yoga enables us to find our unique rhythm; indulging in nourishing yin helps soothe the nervous system and re-balance energy. The practice of meditation and yoga nidra will also help to cultivate the journey inward.

Take time out to replenish, do less, and find stillness, through the practice of Yin Yoga. A retreat gives us the opportunity to slow down, a gift we can give ourselves after a year of being busy, expending our energy keeping up with modern living. The practice of Yin is a slower, less physically vigorous floor-based practice, which conserves energy and cultivates rejuvenation. We stimulate and open up our bodies in the Yin asanas (poses) enabling the un-blocking of stagnation, thus allowing qi (energy) and nutrients to flow freely to help nourish our organs. We will practice meditation while in the poses, to cultivate self-awareness and encourage mental and emotional balance. On this retreat we will explore different ways to develop a home yoga and meditation practice, in order for us to integrate practical life-tools into our daily lives, and continue to nourish our body, mind and soul.

A Yin Yoga and meditation practice offers valuable tools to support our healing on physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This retreat gives us the opportunity to delve into how a regular Yin Yoga practice encourages self-healing. We stay longer in Yin Yoga asanas (postures), to give enough time for the release of accumulated tension stored in our deep connective tissues. Our Yin practice also helps to unblock stagnation in the energy channels of the body, facilitating the free flow of chi (energy) to our organs. This nourishes and replenishes our organs, enabling greater emotional and physical balance. Meditation will be woven into the practice of Yin asanas, to cultivate self-awareness of our habitual mental patterns, and to provide clarity and insight into the root causes of suffering. We will explore pranayama (breathing practice), chakra meditation and insight meditation techniques, and how to use them in our daily lives.

This retreat coincides with the powerful energy of the winter solstice, marking the shortest day and longest night. We tend to power on right through these low energy months, forgetting that as creatures of nature, we too are affected by the energetic ebb and flow of natural cycles. This powering on takes its toll, bringing exhaustion and discontent. The winter solstice is a great time to take stock, letting go of what no longer serves you and inviting in what you would like to grow afresh. The weekend’s yoga explorations will facilitate this process, working slowly and simply. All of the activities - gentle asana, breath work, yoga massage, meditation and deliciously long relaxations - will invite you to settle, listen, inquire and rest deeply. Our weekend will culminate with a special solstice ritual to honour this annual turning point and prepare you to embrace the returning of light with renewed clarity and purpose.

Re-connect and re-inspire through this immersion in yoga practice and sacred sound. We’ll cleanse and strengthen the body and the mind, with dynamic yoga practice and pranayama. We’ll dissolve into a deep state of rest with nurturing restorative yoga and guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra). All the while we will be integrating sacred sound and mantra to create a powerful heart-felt connection, entering into an empowered state of flow where we’re inspired to thrive in life, on and off the mat. We’ll learn sacred mantras that have phenomenal effects on the body, energy and mind; bringing greater balance, vibrancy and health; grounding and inspiring creativity; and connecting you with your own wisdom and direction in life. “The repetition of sacred sound, in the form of mantra, energises and transforms the vibrational level of the body, the brain and the nervous system. The sounds purify and dissolve the unconscious habits and blockages driving our behaviour” - Layne Redmond