Rest, Recovery and Renewal - with Belinda Blackburn

Renewing Direction: Head, Heart, Feet, Centre - w Antonia Pont

Knowing the Universe Within - with Jaymala Sharma

Clarity of Purpose: Setting Direction - with Erika Newberry

The Dance of Duality - with Erika Newberry

Replenish: Restorative, Yin, Massage - with Angela Robb

Grounded, Steady & Open to Joy - w Antonia Pont

Embodying Expansion & Embracing Change - w Erika Newberry

The Art of Transitions: resting, doing, creating - w Antonia Pont

The Poetry of Yoga - w Angela Robb

The Art of Self Care - w Erika Newberry

The retreats are held at Clearview Retreat, a residential retreat centre ninety minutes north of Melbourne in the King Parrot Valley in central Victoria. Clearview Retreat backs onto the Tallarook forest and ranges, with immense views 100 kilometres across to Mount Buller and other spectacular mountain ranges.

12-14 March 2021 (2-day retreat)

1-5 April 2021 (4-day retreat)

23-25 April 2021 (2-day retreat)

30 Apr-2 May 2021 (2-day retreat)

18-20 June 2021 (2-day retreat)

6-8 August 2021 (2-day retreat)

13-15 August 2021 (2-day retreat)

17-19 Sept 2021 (2-day retreat)

29 Oct-1 Nov 2021 (3-day retreat)

19-21 Nov 2021 (2-day retreat)

3-5 Dec 2021 (2-day retreat)

This is a range of workshops to expand and deepen our understanding of yoga. In a class situation we often only get to practice postures, yet yoga has an insightful, practical and fascinating body of knowledge regarding the workings of the mind and the soul, as relevant today as it was 4,000 years ago.

Each Weekend Mountain Yoga Retreat involves yoga classes, relaxation, meditation, some periods of silence, and guided walks. The structure of each workshop is the same, but different themes are focussed on each weekend.

Home-cooked, delicious, inspiring vegetarian meals are provided, beginning with Friday night dinner. Special diets are catered for.

More retreats will be scheduled for 2021 - check the website later for updates or ask to be put on our email list.


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Jocelyn Bennett, ph 0437 813 737

2-day retreats

$ 395 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + camping (BYO tent & camping gear)

$ 450 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + sharing bedroom (2 or 3 people in a room)

$ 515 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + one person to a bedroom

3-day retreats

$ 590 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + camping (BYO tent & camping gear)

$ 670 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + sharing bedroom (2 or 3 people in a room)

$ 770 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + one person to a bedroom

4-day retreats

$ 790 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + camping (BYO tent & camping gear)

$ 900 per person: yoga tuition + all meals + sharing bedroom (2 or 3 people in a room)

$ 1030 per person:  yoga tuition + all meals + one person to a bedroom

Meals include: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Two-day retreats have 5 yoga sessions. Three-day retreats have 7 yoga sessions. Four-day retreats have 9 or more yoga sessions. Free time between yoga sessions allows guests to rest and explore. Class sizes are kept small and students of all levels of experience are welcome. If there are areas of particular interest or special needs, i.e. injuries or pregnancy, please let us know in advance so we are able to better tailor the program to suit you.



2-day retreat: 7pm Fri until 3pm Sun

3-day retreat: 7pm Fri until 3pm Mon

4-day retreat: 7pm Fri until 3pm Tues

2-day retreat: $ 395, $ 450 or $ 515

3-day retreat: $ 590, $ 670 or $ 770

4-day retreat: $ 790, $ 900 or $ 1030

~ Price includes yoga, accommodation & food and

varies with level of accommodation (one person to a bedroom, sharing bedroom or camping).

~ For full range of price options, see below

Belinda Blackburn found yoga over 12 years ago and embraced it fully, loving the changes it brought to her life. Her training in the Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching at the CAE covered a variety of yoga styles which, along with ongoing study and practice, has given her the opportunity to be inspired by their combined wisdom as she develops her own unique blend. She currently teaches several weekly classes at Harvest Yoga in Kensington including open, beginners, kids, prenatal and mums & bubs. She has also taught yoga classes in prisons, workplaces and schools. Belinda has a nurturing teaching style which encourages students to explore and deepen their self knowledge through asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. Beneath the pressures of everyday life we all have a calm and peaceful interior; Belinda works to guide her students towards this place and give them the tools to establish an ongoing connection to it.

  1. ~ Gift certificates are available, and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase

  2. ~ GST is included in these prices

  3. ~ Non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to secure booking: $ 150

  4. ~ Balance to be paid 3 weeks before retreat

  5. ~ Full fee is forfeited, & non-transferable, if booking is cancelled by guest less than 1 week before retreat

Antonia Pont has been practicing yoga for almost two decades, and studying zen since 1996. She has trained and practiced with teachers in Australia, India and Europe, and has taught locally and internationally. She completed her first teacher training in Melbourne, with Paul Wooden of Gertrude Street Yoga in 2004. She then trained in the Vijnana tradition and received certification as a Vijnana teacher from the founder of the style, Orit Sen-Gupta, in 2011. She continues to study with Orit, and edited Orit’s book, The Heart of Yoga. Antonia has established Vijnana Yoga Australia in central Melbourne,which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. Her approach to teaching postures, breath and meditation is precise, steady, and sometimes irreverent. She encourages students to trust the strengthening and startling journey that practice can be, and to integrate this wisdom into their lives off the mat. She is a scholar, poet and essayist, and works at Deakin University.

(*Clearview Retreat also offers nature meditation retreats.

See Nature Meditation Retreats and for details.)

Deciding can become muddled in times of strain or upheaval. Yoga is well-suited to the task of clarifying your desire and direction. In the spaces offered by yoga’s practices, we can tune into where we are and where we want to go. By training our capacities for listening, waiting and feeling the body-mind-heart, the yogi can meet life and challenge with timely, intelligent action. This retreat will dedicate four days to the steady and strengthening curriculum of yoga from the Vijnana tradition, which includes sitting meditation, breathing, postures, deep relaxation and release work. Eat cleanly, breathe fully and gaze into the big skies at Clearview; a quiet, aligned body knows better what it wants.

Erika Newberry has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 16 years and has been teaching since 2011. She completed her initial yoga teacher training at the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne and then went on to study yogic philosophy, yin yoga, laughter yoga, trauma sensitive yoga and yoga therapy. Erika teaches at a number of yoga studio and gyms around Melbourne as well as offering private yoga therapy sessions, corporate yoga and specialised yoga sessions/programs for hospitals and schools. Erika loves the richness of yoga: how it can help bring the body and mind together and promote a wholeness of our experience of being in our body. Erika loves that yoga teaches us to breathe fully, to trust our own experience and to respond in a way that is appropriate, kind and sustainable for us. Her classes are deeply nourishing and nurturing for both the body and the mind.  

Each yoga retreat is limited to small numbers of people (8 max).

As we enter the ‘silly season’, life can get pretty hectic. The end of the year can also be a challenging and sometimes triggering time for many people, and it becomes even more important to take good care of ourselves. This retreat is the perfect opportunity to create a pause, to observe how we really are, and tend to our needs. We will explore meditation practices to build body/mind awareness. Hatha/slow flow yoga will be practiced in the mornings to tap into our inner strength and to find focus, followed by nourishing yin yoga in the afternoon to balance energy. We’ll also take some time out to explore practices that we can integrate into daily life to help promote harmony and self-care. Expect some deep relaxation practices to be thrown into the mix to bring even more support for our system in those times when we really need it the most.

The dance between the yin and the yang, the light and the shadow side, the sun and moon; these opposing forces are represented everywhere, not only around us but also within us. This 2 day retreat offers you the opportunity to use your yoga practice to explore the dance of duality within, by bringing awareness to physical sensations, emotions and energetic flow. The integration of mindfulness practices within both dynamic and quieter yoga styles allows you to become more skilful in your own application of the practice in order to promote balance to your current state. This retreat will offer an exploration of Hatha and Yin yoga styles as well as meditation. You can expect some mantra (sound), mudra (hand gestures) and pranayama (breath practices) to be thrown into the mix so that you can explore the more subtle practices that are not always offered in regular classes, all woven together with some yogic philosophy.

The last year has been a perfect example of how change is inevitable. While some change is welcomed, often unexpected change can come up and it can be difficult to remain centred and grounded through these times. In this retreat we will look at setting intentions from a yogic perspective and how to integrate this into our lives in a sustainable and manageable way. Through a daily practice of yoga and meditation we explore how our intentions relate to our present moment experience and how we can explore basing our decisions on what we value the most, even in unexpected change. This retreat will offer us the time and space to re-establish purpose and direction through body-mind connection. Within these two days you can expect meditation to help establish self-awareness, slow flow to remind us of our inner strength; and yin, to connect us with the subtle flow of energy in and around us.

Angela Robb: Over twenty years of personally enjoying the transformative benefits of yoga inspires Angela to share what she loves. Angela’s nurturing and intelligent style arouses connection with one’s own vitality and sense of centre and relaxation. During the nine years Angela has been teaching yoga, her meaningful classes have allowed students to discover the joy of yoga; physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually. Angela has an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching - a 2 year, 1300+ hour course, from the Academy of Yoga Learning Australia. A trained massage therapist, Angela specialises in Thai Yoga Massage, which she integrates in her Restorative and Yin Yoga classes. Angela has additionally completed teacher training with some of the world’s renowned yoga teachers: Shiva Rae, Judith Lasater and Donna Farhi, and completed teacher training in Restorative Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga, Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound), Laughter Yoga, and Chakra Vinyasa Flow.

Both yoga and words have the power to inspire, invigorate and promote reflection and connection to our own source of enthusiasm, clarity and purpose. Through the alchemy of yoga, mantra and poetry, we realise it’s no coincidence that words are “spelled”. They attune us to the magic of aligning with the truest self. Come and enjoy a weekend to rejuvenate the spirit. Wake up to uplifting mornings of mantra meditation and refreshing hatha yoga. Relax with cosy afternoons of restorative yin yoga and guided deep relaxation (yoga nidra), and unwind with contented evenings of insightful mystic poetry and Kirtan. “I call upon the truth of me, whole and unedited, the one who excels in slow growth and evolutionary leaps, yogini and poet, receiver of all that is known and unknown. I call upon my inner nature, to show herself, be herself, and breathe with me the sweet, intoxicating air of freedom.” Danna Faulds


In this two-day exploration we will gently dissolve the layers of ignorance which hold us back from knowing our true nature. Using insight, inquiry, philosophy, meditation and silence, our yoga practices will be suffused with love and surrender, allowing us to move towards experiencing the divine within ourselves and also in the world around us. Combining asana, mantra, mudra and pranayama, we will explore different practices which can awaken kundalini shakti, allowing access to the wisdom, power and potential that lies dormant at the base of our spine. As we mindfully practice walking meditation, we will also walk through the chakras feeling the sound and light of each chakra, allowing their energy to be aligned with our aware self. Deep rest throughout the retreat will then allow these awakenings to be suffused throughout our being.

We all deserve time to step out of daily habits and routines, space for rest, space to let the clutter of the mind fall away…exposing our true nature of joy and calm exuberance. Relaxed and nurtured, our natural clarity and centre surfaces; we again feel connected and purposeful, vital in body and mind. This retreat will guide you on this journey, giving the gift of slowing down. Slowing down to experience your natural state of connection, joy and peace. You will be expertly guided through a course of Restorative Yin Yoga practices that are sprinkled with massage to enhance the release. The retreat program is highlighted with Yoga Nidra Meditation, gentle morning yoga-flow, sound meditation, nature walks and a personal massage for each retreatant. The collection of practices initiates a shift of energy to clear out that which is stuck and stagnant, creating space for new inspiration and personal freedom.

Jaymala Sharma: Born in the historic land of India, Jaymala grew up practicing Yoga as a child alongside her grandfather, her true role model. A long standing practitioner of Yoga, Jaymala’s journey into learning more about Yoga, and also teaching it, was reignited by running meditation and chanting sessions for elderly citizens and community groups. Over the last fourteen years, Jaymala has continued her passion to be a part of the Yoga teaching community. She has completed a Masters Yoga Teacher program in India, a post-graduate program with Ihana Yoga, and the Australian Yoga Academy’s Advanced Teachers Training Program. Understanding that Yoga is inherent within us, Jaymala’s focus is on remembering our divine presence. Through her classes, Jaymala empowers her students to discover their own path of self-discovery.

Yoga is a training in being able to transition - whether we are moving from one pose smoothly and safely into another, navigating a shifting personal relationship, or beginning a new job. Moving from activity to resting and back again may also be something we want to cultivate. Transitions are a learning space for humans, but we can prepare our organism for a steadier process, remaining kind, intelligent and responsive in the face of change. This weekend, come and learn from the tradition of Vijnana Yoga, to practise those simple transitions from smooth movement, to the stillness of meditation, into the depths of release and relaxation, and back again. What we learn on the mat, reflects in our creative, professional and shared lives off the mat.

The need for time out to rest and renew has never been more important. The ideal place for this is surrounded by nature, grounded in the solid rocks and earth, flowing with the creeks and streams and breathing in the eucalyptus scented breeze. Inspired by the lush and lovely surroundings of Clearview retreat, join us for a weekend of grounding yoga, flowing breath work, reflective meditation and deep, healing relaxation. Through journaling, discussion, meditation, guided relaxation and a combination of energising, calming and restorative yoga we will spend the weekend nurturing our bodies and minds in order to heal and prepare for an uncertain future with renewed hope, and strength. Rest through deeply relaxing yoga nidra and guided relaxation practices. Recover through healing yoga and meditation practices in the peaceful surrounds of the mountains. And Renew through an increased awareness of the past, the future and the present moment.

Give yourself this weekend to remind the body-heart-mind of its inherent understanding of alignment and strength, and the portals onto simple happiness. The wisdom texts say that although the mind finds itself within eddies of stress and confusion, in the same way, once we begin practising, this direction of clarity also has its own building momentum. This training brings us more quickly back to clarity, happiness and a reliable centre. Over two days, we’ll explore the techniques of Vijnana Yoga, focusing on foot wisdom (for balance, core strength and alignment), the heart centre, and the ‘quiet spine’ (in meditation, and in both yogic and daily doings).

As we go through and experience life’s challenges, we can sometimes feel stuck physically and mentally. This retreat will promote connection to yourself, to the land/nature and to each other, reminding each of us that we are more than our stuck-ness and that life is constantly in an ebb and flow. Through movement and breath-based practices we can explore a felt sense of expansion, opening us up to new possibilities and establishing personal agency. By creating connection with our present moment experience we can be an active participant in life’s unfolding, moment to moment. Throughout this retreat we will explore yoga forms and breathing practices to help stimulate the flow of prana (life force); along with meditation, reflection, and journaling to help illuminate our way of moving through change.